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In Honour Of 'Silent Shout'

by Becky Becky

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I never knew this could happen to me. I know now fragility. I know of people who are getting old. I know of people who I haven't told. I wish I could speak in just one sweep what you are and what you mean to me. Instead, I mumble randomly. You stand by and enlighten me. In a dream I lost my teeth again. Call me woman and half-man. Yes, in a dream all my teeth fell out. A cracked smile and a silent shout. If I explain it once thoroughly, he'll have you later 'cos it's never free. You were at the gigantic spree. I caught a glimpse, now it haunts me.
Neverland 03:19
Eyes are sober and this is the plan: I'm sitting in a car heading Neverland. A fancy man, a fancy man - he's pointing with the fingers that are left on his hand. Eyes are hazel but far too cold, looking out for love, but none of us can. Where is the monkey that I have been told of? I'm staring at the money that money that burns in my hand. I'm dancing for dollars and for a fancy man. Come right over, I'll knock on your shoulder. This is a story and this is what I've planned. An angry man, an angry man - nothing is more fatal than an angry man. Vulnerable heights feed the hand that bites me, following the steam into another room. Standing in the corner, is this my home? Showing us love, but none of us can. I'm singing for money that burns in my hand. Tell me, will I make it home tonight? I'm doing it for dollars and for a fancy man. I've got a lot of money that burns in my hand.
The Captain 02:23
We came down from the north, blue hands and a torch. Red wine. Fruit for free. A possibility. We share our mother's health, it is what we've been dealt. What's in it for me? Fine, then I'll agree. Trees there will be, apples fruits maybe. You know what I fear: The end is always near. Say you like it, say you need it when you don't. Looking better, shining brighter than you do.
Na Na Na 04:00
I've got soul in my bones. Got a home, a dog and a man to call my own. Every month I've got my period to take care of and collect in blue tampons. Na na na. I've got mace, pepper spray and some shoes that runs faster than any rapist rapes. What I need is chemical castrations, hope and godspeed. Na na na.
I cut your nails and comb your hair. I carry you down the stairs. I wanted to see right through from the other side. I wanted to walk a trail with no end in sight. The moment we believe that we have never met another kind of love, it's easy to forget. When we are all alone then we do both agree: We have a thing in common and this was meant to be. You close my eyes and soothe my ears, you heal my wounds and dry my tears. On the inside of this marble house I grow and the seeds I sow will grow up prisoners too. The moment we believe that we have never met another kind of love, it's easy to forget. When we are all alone then we do both agree: We have a thing in common and this was meant to be. Now, where's your shoulder? What's its name? What's your scent? Say it again. If it goes faster can you still follow me? It must be safe when it's on TV. I raise my hands to heaven for curiosity. I don't what to ask for. What has it got for me? The others say we're hiding, it's as forward as can be: Some things I do for money, some things I do for free.
Like A Pen 05:13
We cannot wait much longer. We want happiness back. We want control of our bodies, everything we've lacked. I think I even liked it, if the feeling was mine. A little something about my body. Is it the warmth inside? When we come home, we want it quiet and calm. We want you to sing us a song. When we come home, we pull the curtains down, making sure the TV is on. If you move a little closer, I'll tell you what's my aim: It's every evening on a big screen, hosted by celebrities. I had a dream about deleting and killer whales. Is it the feeling of your body? Is it the feeling of mine? When we come home, we want it quiet and calm. We want you to be around. When we come home, we pull the curtains down, making sure the TV is on - from off to on.
Too far away from the city: Some kids left on their own. They said we had a communist in the family. I had to wear a mask. Too far away from the city, we had to make this room. Fathers were football players, Volvo workers, policemen. What the mothers did, I didn't know. I saw her by the organ, she was laughing while pressing the keys. She said my favorite book was dirty and, "You shouldn't show you can read". Too far away from the city, we never heard its noise. We learned how to stay fit and things like "Green tones hide the blush". Too far away from the city, we came to breathe clean air. Nature lovers' safe oasis and the mothers walked towards the forest. Music tonight. I just want your music tonight.
One Hit 03:54
I've got a new story now and it goes like this: I took my hand out of my pocket, up came a fist. It was a headline news: One more abuse. I've got to tell it with a fist. It goes like this: Ho ho ho ho, hoo hoo hoo hoo. So where's the feminity, the one with skirts and high-heels? A shiny sink and homemade meals. The one and only way, if you enter, you'll stay. Sons and daughters: You will breed, as long as you breastfeed. Yeah, being a man is bliss. One hit. One kiss. Then the lights came, it was all a scene. Bend back, give head, it's not pornography. If you do it with lights, then it's art, you see. If you do it with a twist - yes, artistically. I could do the laundry, the women's work. For a reasonable salary, I would wash the world. It wouldn't affect my libido or my self-esteem. I don't need to mark my territory: It's all obvious to me. It's manhood's bliss. One hit. One kiss. Spending time with my family, like the Corleones.
Still Light 03:30
The doctor came in the morning. She held my hand and asked, "Was it worth it? Could it be worse than this? Please recall. Give me a hint. Anything will do. If this was the last time now you should tell us what to do." I was afraid I guess. Now I can't think no more. I was so concentrated on keeping things together. I've learned to focus on, I didn't want to disappoint. Now where is everybody? Is it still light outside? Is it still light outside?


In Honour Of 'Silent Shout', a tribute to The Knife.

This is a cover album of The Knife's 2006 album 'Silent Shout'.

Ten years ago, The Knife released the album Silent Shout. This was a great influence on Becky Becky and how we decided to approach making music. Silent Shout combines intelligent lyrics, character-driven narratives with dark, danceable beats and arpeggio synths. This approach to making dance music is something we echoed in our album Good Morning, Midnight, where we endeavoured to sketch one lonely, aging woman’s emotional collapse over one night in Prague.

Now, as it is the ten year anniversary of The Knife’s seminal LP, we have decided to release In Honour Of ‘Silent Shout’, a tribute to this work. We have covered all 11 songs from the original release. We have tried to remain faithful to the original album and also faithful to our own sound. We have worked with the original songs to create something new, yet still recognisable. We recorded all the vocals in a single day and the rest of the music and mixing was done over the month of January. George Thomas (of Insect Heroes [Lost Map] and formerly George Thomas & The Owls [Red Deer Club]) took on Jay-Jay Johansen’s guest vocal part for Marble House. We have done this solely as a celebration of the source material which is so dear and inspiring to us.

You can download In Honour Of ‘Silent Shout’ from our website beckybeckycom from 17th February 2016, ten years to the day that the original was released.

We are also planning to perform one small and intimate concert of this material at The Verdict in Brighton, England on 19th March 2016. Come and celebrate Olof and Karin with us.


released February 17, 2016

All tracks written by The Knife.
All tracks recorded and mixed by Becky Becky.
Guest vocals on 'Marble House' by George Thomas (Insect Heroes).


all rights reserved



Becky Becky

literary-inspired electro-synth-pop-ecletic-lo-fi-diy duo gemma l williams & peter j d mason

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